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Icchan's diary : Taiwan Adventure!

-_-; So I've actually procrastinated for 2 and half months...Here are some photos taken during the trip organized by Pernod Ricard.....
ALERT: The top photos are arranged in story sequence......and the story is written in a language which I'm more used to,which is Chinese= =||(Though it may not be grammatically accurate...I do have a little more confidence than writing it in English!So,I've no plans in making an English version...)
It may be a little long winded,so ;) Just skip the words as you like!


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Stand by

In order to save some money for his wedding(COUGH),Shijou now takes up the job as a model and working part time as a host in the club by Hisoka :p(slaps the creator)

Today supposed to be his first work as a model :3...but.........

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Q_Q" Tokimeki GS 3rd Story

Q_Q" I wonder why there isn't a PS3 version of this game...or at least,a vita version= =....That'd make the skinship system much easier....(-___-)
This isn't the first time I'm unlocking Ruka's route.

but my eyes still went teary when I reached this scene ( -______-). In my opinion Ruka is the most pessimistic main character among the 3 series.

yay for ed2 \(^0^)/
PSP version is so much better than the DS version! Yay for 2D live characters ! 8)
OTL and there's still 5 more EDs to go=A=... I doubt I'd unlock every single one though........


Chef Date

Now I had a great laugh after reading Volks blog...

Happy Valentine :D

-w-||...I know it's already 15th now.
:D still,these photos are dedicated for the day!

'_'|| Mr Silver,has finally got his own set of photos,after a year.....
K,I'm an irresponsible owner TvT""

:/ gonna find some time to plan for a twins shot soon! :x

Happy Valentine's people :D

8D fangirling or ranting?

8) saw this photo on the volks site just now....

SD17 Tsukasa and SDGR Ryoya
>_> Wow does that mean anything?
喵的!!老V你干啥去了!!! 什么时候才放人啊!!!说好的17司咧?!!(/>皿<)/ (flip table)

Dec. 26th, 2011

Probably another best X'mas present I've got for myself this year :)

It's such a distraction D: When I have work waiting to be done,ARGH.

Doll profile

 Someone paid a visit to both of my blogs 8D!...Ok I mean 3 of my blogs (The one on BD , FC2 and LJ..)
and said even though I'm not that hard working on working on an translated version of doll skit I should at least have the profiles up :X

The incredible harem <---she called this wtf.

(If it's a harem..where's the female lead=_=?)
gonna do the profile pic later then >.>

A rough one.
From left to right order :/
艶-En [ RD Pan ]
卡-Ka [ HZ Huika ]
黑玥-Yue [ DOD B.E Sha ]
Sion Liebkne- [AS Mix Black ]
Sivelin [ DOD Code 11 ]
Tir [ Luts Regen Scarred ]
霙-Mizore [ DOD Code 02 ]
Code K-DK 051 [ DOD Luke ]
Desire [ DOD Ducan ]
烈-Retsu [ AS Huang ]
栞-Shiori [ DOD Lahoo ]
司-Tsukasa [ Volks Gr Okita ]
時雨-Shigure [ Volks Hijikata ]
銀色-Silver [ Volks 17 Williams]
暗号-Signal [ Volks 17 Williams]
涙-Rui [ Crobi Kitten Lance ]
徽雪-Kisetsu [ Volks Reisner ]
槻雪-Kisetsu [ Volks Reisner SF ]
姫雪-Kisetsu [ Volks Reisner'2011 ] 
....@_@ Names are a pain sometimes....Took more than 2 months to decide Toshi's name....


D: drags.

 RD Customer service sent a mail in english to almost everyone whom ordered via agents or placed an order before from them o_O...
Explaining on the delay....*Poor EE is still hospitalized :( no wonder her QQ status hasn't been online for days*

I thought this email was sent to everyone :O Guess what, the Chinese community on BD hasn't receive a single word from them at all....>_>

In the email I received ,it stated that a pair of fist hand ^ will be given as gifts to any orders placed in 2011 -.-
Now here's my question -__________________-

My Master Ring .....the order was placed via a RD taobao agent= =.............When will he be coming home T_T''
I was told that he should be home by end of Feb or early March!...still,no sign of him-_-||



A place for posting,simply just photos of my resin family :))
Nothing much to say here :X...
I'll be blabbering more on my main site :D!
Click to visit ;D
Do note that the main site may contain more than one language in a post ^^"...Also,pardon my grammar :X.........
I have problems correcting it OTL